Just a musing….

Just a musing….

Ever had a strong desire to go to Istanbul?

A close friend of mine tells me that instead of saying, “I want to go (insert country)” I should just say, “I want to see the WORLD”. Apparently it’s shorter, concise and really all encompassing of my desires. It’s true. I have too many countries and too many languages I want to learn to just pick one and stick with it. But really, I ask you…With such a big, wide world….why pick just one?

Perhaps I’m eager, I have been accused of being such, but that’s who I am and I wouldn’t trade that part of myself for a minute. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t want to explore, submerge and bask myself in every culture I can think of? I can tell you for a certainty that I wouldn’t be me.

So I shall continue learning Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Bosnian, Spanish, Italian and French regardless of how many eye rolls I get for just “Being Annabel.”

I quite like being Annabel.

So come on ya’ll! Be yourselves!

Now enough inspirational epiphanies! This lazy artist must get back to work…



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