Calling all ESL Students!

Calling all ESL Students!

That’s ESL as in English as a Second Language!

So I have a friend, her name is Mira, who is looking for students who are looking to improve their English speaking skills through Online English Conversation lessons. The thing is, where Mira is living, it’s tough going finding students in her local community (she lives in the boonies, you see and she lives in a dense population of Native English Speakers. SO! In an effort to help my friend I thought I would open the invitation to all you fellow bloggers and followers of mine! If any of you know someone who is knew to the country or even living abroad but would like to improve their English Skills send them to Mira! She’s been certified to teach English as a Second Language so this isn’t a gimmick.

Mira has a profile on the Online Lesson Company, if you know anyone who is interested send them to this link!

Mira’s username on the site is miranoyes12.

Anyways….thanks everyone for letting me put that out there! She’s an awesome friend and is very enthusiastic about teaching and helping others to learn English! She’s pretty much passionate about languages in general! So let’s send some eager students her way!

Now…for this student…I must get back to the lyrics and the music….

Night all!


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