Like I do….Because Of You

Like I do….Because Of You

Perhaps I’ve worn this subject out but in my quest of genealogy (really, it fascinates me where people came from) I am still trying to find a specific part of my ancestors who may very likely or may not have been Native American. It’s not about the right to say, “I’m an Indian” or “That’s the tribe I’m from”…really it’s just about knowing where they came from and what led them where they came to be. In this journey to connect the dots, wade through the family legends and find proof of their realities I’ve had some very interesting questions raised for my own self. Being a writer only fuels that notion of questions for it’s an endless parade of why’s and what if’s. I love what if. I love why. So this song may again be inspired by those two very things and by my (more than likely, judging by the results) Native American predecessors but I’ve found that with genealogy it is much more than just when these people were born, who they married, where they lived and when they died. Every name, every place you find attached to them you have to research. Every period of time you must carefully inspect to find out what was going on in the places they lived during that time and hopefully you may uncover a motivation for some decision they made that you had previously not understood. It was exactly all of this “extra” research that led me to this song. I’ve talked about Vermont Eugenics before well now it is more than just a quest of my family. Now it’s a quest of humanity. For all of those families. Mine and all the others. So much is lost about the culture of Native families because of the Eugenics or practice of genetic selection. There are stories of families being forced into hiding and terming themselves as “White” just so they could avoid the horrors the Eugenics caused, the sudden miscarriages, the sterilization, the unexplained illness and loss of life. So really this is an ode to all of those that had to do just that. Because really, no matter what we look like, we should never have to hide what we are. So here it is…my efforts…


I do believe

Something’s gotta hold on me

And I cry……like I do……because of you-ou-ou


Because of you

Because of you-ou

Because of you…..I don’t feel so good

Because of you…..feeling like I’m in hell

Because of you….I’m down that well

Because of you…..Here I go again

Because of you….we’re no longer friends


Because of you…..we’re no longer friends

Because of you…..I got no one to depend

Because of you…..I’m no longer here

Because of you…..I’ve disappeared

Because of you


So take those boots

And walk away-ay

Take my heart

But please don’t stay

I’ve got your soul

You’ve got my hands

I feel tied

Don’t know where I will land

And I cry……like I do

Because of you


Take my fire

Steal my cro-own

Don’t matter what you do

Just keep me from the ground

Build me up

Even when I’ve been wronged

Strike me down

I’m not that strong

And I run… I do

Because of you


Make the wa-a-ater

Crash on down

This desire

Can no longer be bound

There’s a steed

Going up that hill

Break my hea-ea-art

Break my will….take your fill

Make me rage

Until I’m forced to wilt

And I fight… I do

Because of you


Here is thunder, here is pain

Here’s desire but with no gain

And I lie… I do….because of you, because of you


I know my end….is coming near

But I can’t seem…to find my fear

And I die like I do…..because of you


Because of you

Because of you

Because of you…I don’t feel so good

Because of you…feels like I’m in hell

Because of you-ou-ou….I’m down that well

But I crawl to my feet

Break these walls

Crumble and defeat

Because of you….Here I go again

Because of you….We’re no longer friends


And I cry….like I do….because of you

Because of you

And I try… I do….

Because of you


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