Blue War

Blue War

The mud, the mud

The sinking mud

Is getting ever blue-uer

The fingertips are writing now

In peaks and lines the future-er


Our heads our getting sharper

Our eyes are getting closed


The Girls, the girls

The pretty girls

Are crying in their knee-ee-ees

The boy, the boys

The dying boys

Are fighting in their slee-ee-eep


Warheads are getting sharper

Their eyes are being closed

Warheads are getting sharper

Chasing whom they kno-ow


The war, the war

This crippled war

Is finding newer vi-ictums

The lives, the lives

The dreary lives

Are people vain for new o-ones


The beds are getting colder

Our minds are getting cri-isp


The lines, the lines

The cold blue lines

Are coating every fa-a-ace

The bodies ache

With stench and quake,

With love and loss we sha-a-ake

We stomp, we stomp

We try to stop

The drums are beating fa-aster

We dance, we dance

To give the chance,

Their lives a better fu-ture


So steal me up and coat me tough

With blue paint for the wa-ar-ar

Cross my heart I will come back

They’ll drag me from the moors


War heads are getting sharper

Blue war is starting soon

War heads are getting sharper

War heads are getting sharper



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