I think I may hate Twitter….no this is not a song

I think I may hate Twitter….no this is not a song

So…I had some people ask me if I would consider opening a social media account so they could follow my posts there, cuz you know….social media is big and while I’m not a partaker it seems that pretty much EVERYONE else is. So I did it…I gave in and I decided upon twitter simply for the 140 character limit. I signed up, I put up all my account information, made the page semi pretty, sent out my first tweet at midnight this morning and then when I awoke I posted to Wish I Was A Mermaid In Newfie, as I always do, making available the lyrics I had finished that morning and the night before. I checked my twitter (it sounds very strange to say that…and a little dirty…but regardless…) and what do you know, the wordpress feature that allows you to link your social media accounts actually worked and there were two new “tweets” with song titles and a link to my blog. I was feeling gradually better and better about social media….

That is until I logged on to follow my favorite Korean language learning website…and what did I find? A notice that said my account had been suspended….

Yippee! NOT! What the hell!? I only posted three times, I followed the directions and everything and BAM! Apparently Annabel Doyle is denied access to Twitter. Damn, and I just had my first follower too…

So You can probably understand why I’m a bit irritated with the social media world at this particular moment. Of course I followed their prompts and filed a complaint and contested the decision to ban me from twitter and I received an email telling me to reread Twitter’s policies and see if I had violated anything and la di da di da da da…

As far as I can tell…I’m pretty sure I haven’t. I had 8 whole people I decided to follow. I had 10 to begin with but only because Twitter made me select 10 people to follow when I signed up and then I discovered that two of the people I had added weren’t the actual people I was looking for but I hardly think unfollowing those two people can be considered “Aggressive Following Habits” as Twitter dictated to me as one of the reasons my account could be suspended. Now I do have a pen name. In a short confession to all who follow this blog I can honestly say that Annabel Doyle is not my birth name but I hardly think you can infringe copyright on that one. How many Annabel Doyle’s are there earthwide? I’m guessing quite a few since I had to change my username umpteen hundred times before Twitter finally accepted AnnabelQDoyle.

So, I am at a loss.  And frankly, I’m not so sure social media is worth it if this is what happens after 3 whole “tweets”. They weren’t even epic tweets.

Ah…well, I am awaiting a reply from Admin Twitter…we’ll see what happens.

Perhaps I’ve been fortunate, but I’ve never had this problem on wordpress. What about the rest of ya’ll? Ever been Twitter suspended?


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