Lies (Let Me Go)

Lies (Let Me Go)

Alrighty…It’s been a bit hasn’t it? Well this song is inspired by a novel written by a friend of mine. I can’t disclose all the details of the story yet because she’s not yet published (soon!) but the main character of the story is a young woman. This particular young woman happens to be an excellent thief. She is also in love with an excellent Police Officer and this whole sordid tale is set in early 18th century England. This Thief spins a web of lies quite thickly and after years of going “straight” she returns to the game because of a temptation too great to ignore. I wish I could explain every little detail but I can’t, no spoilers here, but I can say that this story is really about being on the brink of happiness. Being on that edge of happiness and unhappiness and what choices we make on that edge. Sometimes it’s very easy to lie, easier than telling the truth at times. I am quite excited for my friend and her novel but you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with a song? It was a dare, actually. My friend the novelist and I were going through the novel, the plots, the characters, the relationships, etc…and of course we let our dreams kick in, our large, over compensating imaginations and “What if this were made into a movie?” came out and then, “If it was a movie then what would the Theme Song be??” And….several drinks later and more imaginings happened and this happened….I hope you enjoy. I wanted to capture the tug the main character feels for the man she loves and the yearning she has to be honest. The Thief wants to so much get out of the web but she keeps herself there, and albeit for a good purpose but there are consequences. Sometimes once we start down a road we have to walk it’s entirety before we can leave it behind. For this fair Thief, she weaves a tale elaborately and while she hurts others in the process she’s also woven a way out. But she finds out that it’s not easy to ask someone to trust you when they know you to be a liar. At least, as far as they know….


Good morning, dearest

I stole 100 hearts last night

You should have seen it

Now let’s not argue over who’s right

Yesterday’s boast

Had me cringing in my regret

And what I fear most

That you’ll curse the day that we ever met


Now I’m not helping you out but you don’t see the signs

I’m dragging on your collar, weighing down on your eyes

If you’d just listen to me we could save all our time

But you won’t let me go


Good Evening, my love

“What’s that pendant around your neck?”

That’s what you ask me

Well this is my greatest conquest yet

Now we’re yelling

How does it always start out so nice?

“The truth,” you beg me

Well that’s one thing I won’t give up tonight.


And I’m not helping you out but you eat up these lies

I know that you see through me, it’s all part of our lines

If this were a stage play in the end we’d both die

But you won’t let me go


If I could ask for more time

I’d keep what I lost of my mind

Don’t you see

What they suspect?

This could be my last misstep


Good morning, dear boy

Don’t ask, you’ll just make yourself upset

I’d always known that

It would take bars to give us distance

Now you’re crying

In truth it all could be over

That’s what I’m saying

Daylight could wait a bit longer


And I’m not helping you out by feeding you lies

You’ll just have to trust me, this is all by design

I’m dragging on your collar, weighing down on your eyes

But you won’t let me go

No you won’t let me go

Oh please don’t let me go


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