Located in the U.S. of A and wishing I was a mermaid in Newfoundland, Canada. Alright, so it won’t all be about Newfoundland. I’m also a lyricist and writer who dabbles greatly in both writing stories and writing songs. My gypsy tendencies and love of different cultures and the worlds greatly influence the things I write about. Simply put, I don’t go a day without writing and dreaming and half the time my scribbles end up on my arm, I just never seem to have paper, before they end up here. Someday, I’d love to make a living off of those scribbles. So…from my heart, to my arm and to you…Enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks! I love your blog too. Anything about travel and different places and cultures and I’m in! I look forward to reading more on it! Thanks for following mine, glad you like it! Thanks for commenting too! Seeya

  1. Hi Annabel, I live in Ottawa and have visited most of Canada’s provinces, with the exception of Newfoundland. I have friends there, my sons have visited and have nothing but praise for the place and the people. I have seen lots of photographs, and documentaries. My dream is to visit there one day. ~ Dennis

    1. Me as well! I fell in love with the music of the province originally and then I delved into the rest. I hope to get there someday soon…you’ll have to tell me sometime about all the other provinces. I visit Quebec often but I hunger for a visit to the rest of the beautiful country~ Annabel

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