Q & A

These are all the questions I’ve gotten over my short time of putting my lyrics out over this blog. Some of these I was asked by readers, some by friends, and others I put in just in case they are asked eventually. A Pre-emptive Strike, you could call it. Hope this helps and enjoy fellow bloggers! Cheers!

Are you trying to become famous? (Seriously, this was a question I was asked)

In a nutshell? No. Not at all. My BIGGEST aspiration for this is that someday I will be able to sell or license my lyrics and songs to other artists. I think the hardest part of the music business is having good material to work with. A great song can span over generations of people and eclipse any boundaries. A great song can mean one thing to the writer of it but reach 10 people’s hearts in 10 totally different ways.

So…when did you first start writing?

Uhm…this is a hard one…I’ve written stories and other pieces since 3rd grade but songs…I started when I was about 10. I love music, live and breathe it. There’s not a moment in any day that I can think of when I’m not either singing a song in my head, or out loud, or that I’m not making up lyrics. It’s just always been a huge part of my life.

Why do you post so many times a day?

Haha, I know my readers must get sooo upset when I post 3 or more songs in a day. I don’t want to incite anger. I just post when I have time and when I post I’m posting the songs I’ve finished for that day. It just depends on how inspired I am that day.

Do you really write them on your arm?

That’s normally where they end up. I am notorious for losing paper notes so unless I have my cellphone with me, which is hit or miss, they end up scribbled up and down my arm. I’m surprised my left arm isn’t permanently discolored yet.

What are your plans for the blog?

Well, no plans that will be unveiled in the near future. I’m hoping to eventually put up some demos of my work. It’s always nice to hear the intent of the lyrics and not just imagine it by reading it. Our ears feel much more than our eyes do.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Oh dear…uh….everything? But seriously, everything. My own experiences? Mostly. But a lot of times I write because of other people’s stories (they’re much more interesting than me) or other people’s ideas. In a way my music can be my psychology. I would be a terrible psychologist in real life but people and why they do what they do, the choices they make, always have intrigued me. It’s my perspective on my world and my efforts to try to understand other people’s feelings and points of view.

That’s something you find difficult?

If you knew me you would know that I can be a very black and white person. I feel what I feel and there is usually not a specific or perhaps understandable rhyme or reason to why I do, which many people find frustrating. Even when I was a child I was always very sure of what I thought and how I would handle a situation but I’m also really laid back. There’s not a lot someone could ever say that would ever offend me. That, and I was raised with lots of siblings and all of them boys so there’s a sensitivity chip that I usually end up missing. No inner monologue whatsoever.

A lot of your songs seem a little cynical. Is that your take on life?

Yeah, this was a real question. Big RESOUNDING NO! I love how people automatically assume that when I write I’m writing about myself. Who do you think I am? Taylor Swift?! (joking, I do not have blond hair, haha) okay… but really. I write from different perspectives. If I wrote from just my perspective all the time I would be boring.

What are your other interests?

Oh…this could take awhile…Basically, besides music and writing…I would say my top five are Languages, Travel, ethnic food, rock climbing (okay anything with an adrenaline rush) and anything that I haven’t done before…yeah.

What’s your favorite color?

Weird question but okay, Blue. Any shade that reminds me of the ocean.

Have you ever thought of putting up a donation button?

Oh…I have mixed feelings about this. There is a part of me that has a staunch, “Don’t ever ask for help” type of mentality. But I guess…I mean if people value my work and wished to donate something then I wouldn’t refuse them. But I would have to probably get a few more requests for a donation button before I ever put one up…Yeah…I’m not sure…we’ll see.

Do you hate men?

Oh wow…this is a terrible question and it was asked by a reader. I’m not sure what I said that gave this impression but NO. Not at all. I grew up with brothers so I’m not naïve when it comes to men AT ALL. (laughs) but that’s a good thing. No I absolutely love men. They have a pretty straight forward, tell you how it is attitude that the majority of women lack and I absolutely adore that.

What’s your real name?

(grins) Why, Annabel Doyle of course!

Why call your hometown ‘Siberia Minor’?

Because it Freaking COLD! And currently I live in the middle of nowhere across from a delapitated building that I nicknamed “Little Kosovo”. Hopefully my move to civilization will be coming at the end of 2014 if not sooner…

So what’s your real job?

I’m a chameleon when it comes to jobs. I’ve done pretty much everything. Customer Service, Waitressing, Jewelry Repair, Web Design, Photography, Commercial Floor Cleaning, Caretaker, Companion for the Elderly, Babysitting, Nanny, House Cleaning….yeah I won’t bore you with more but currently I teach part time online as an English as a Second Language teacher, or if you’re good with your acronyms, ESL teacher and I also work as a Glorified Babysitter, a.k.a I work at a Pizza/Deli/Convenience store/Gas Station that makes pretty freaking awesome food but also attracts mostly drunk people. One thing I’ve learned….I am awesome with Drunk People. Truly, amazing.




Oh dear..uhm…can we use the term ‘mutt’ for humans? Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, Native American and a smidgen of Italian and German and Danish somewhere back in the line.

Favorite Food?

Anything? Can I answer with that? No? My friend who’s asking me these questions is shaking her head ‘No’. Alright…well I’m always in the mood for Thai food.

What did you want to be when you were 5?

Haha, a Gypsy. No joke. I just wanted to travel and play music.


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